Teeth in a Day is an amazing procedure that allows you to come in with a denture or failing teeth and leave the same day with a new set of fixed-in teeth.
Traditionally with implants, we have to wait 6 -12 weeks to allow healing, before making teeth for you. This meant wearing an uncomfortable denture during this time, which some people find a horrible thought. With Teeth in a Day, there is no need for a denture, no need for adhesives or long healing times. You can come in and leave the same day with solid fixed-in teeth.
The procedure, what will it involve?
• intake, intra- and extra oral exam
• discus the treatment options and financial investment
• CT Scanning & Planning Software
• Implant Placement and temporary bridge
• Fit Final Bridge


Once we have established that you are a suitable candidate for the procedure, you will undergo a CT scan so we can assess the quality of your bone. If we identify any badly decayed or very loose teeth, we will devise a plan to make your whole mouth healthy as part of the process.
The procedure of placing Teeth in a Day dental implants is entirely comfortable. We use the best and strongest combinations of topical anesthetic and freezing agents. We absolutely guarantee that you will feel next to nothing. It takes about 90 minutes in all. After this, a process known as osseointegration will occur, and your implants will eventually fuse with your
body, like your natural tooth does, providing the maximum possible strength and stability.
Teeth in a Day is an amazing procedure that allows you to come in with a denture or failing teeth and leave the same day with a new set of fixed-in teeth Lassus Tandartsen is een aantrekkelijke en moderne tandheelkundige praktijk met 2 vestigingen in Amsterdam. Wij zijn gevestigd in het centrum van Amsterdam en in Amsterdam-Zuid. Ons doel is om cliënten te helpen hun gebit hun hele leven lang te behouden. Dit doen we door een combinatie van kwalitatief hoogwaardige tandheelkunde en een mensgerichte werkwijze.
Teeth in a Day If you have advanced gum disease, many cavities or several missing teeth, you don’t have to settle for dentures, partials or bridges. Our Dental Specialties team makes it possible to have all of your teeth replaced – in a single day. Teeth in a Day dental implants provide the look, stability and function of natural teeth. You will not be able to remove the prostheses, so you will never have to worry about your teeth falling out or future bone loss in your jaw. You will be able to enjoy foods that you once had to avoid, such as corn on the
cob, steak and apples.
A new smile in just one day Teeth in a Day gives you a full set of teeth with four to six dental implants on your top jaw and four to six dental implants on your bottom jaw – in one day.
Once the implants have completely healed and fused to your jaw bone (about four to 12 months after the procedure), your temporary teeth will be replaced with a permanent set.
Safe and effective Teeth in a Day is an FDA-approved procedure that’s has been performed around the world for nearly 20 years and at Gundersen Health System for the past 14 years. The global success rate is 98 percent. Skilled dental specialists Gundersen’s board-certified prosthodontists are skilled dental implant doctors. They have more than 20 years of combined experience performing Teeth in a Day.

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